Friday, January 20, 2012

Car's 'glass' roof by day becomes interior light at night | SmartPlanet Daily

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SmartPlanet Daily

SmartPlanet Member | January 20, 2012

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Car's 'glass' roof by day becomes interior light at night. Oh OLEDs!

How have we driven without this? Chemical and lighting giants BASF and Philips team up to add style and light to tomorrow's automobiles, from dusk to dawn. What's it look like to you?  Read the full story

Roll your suitcase, charge your phone

Since our gadgets' batteries die most often when we're on the road, wouldn't it be nice if all the running we did in airports could be put to some use?  Read the full story

Marriage website's Facebook game bashes India's dowry practice

An eight-arms heroine will throw everything from a stiletto heel to a tomato at greedy grooms who demand dowry.  Read the full story

Swap-o-Matic: Consumerism to cast-offs

A new kind of vending machine mocks consumerism and allows users to swap items for free.  Read the full story

Grooveshark ends service in Germany

BERLIN -- U.S. music platform Grooveshark has pulled out of Germany, citing high royalty fees - but those responsible for negotiations in the country say they were never contacted.  Read the full story

Bioengineering e.coli to turn seaweed into fuel

Scientists at Bio Architecture Lab tinkered with the superbug e.coli and turned into microbe that can turn the sugar in seaweed into fuel, and maybe even renewable chemicals.  Read the full story

Should cities act more like tech startups?

With cities throughout the U.S. in crisis, are forward-thinking mayor-entrepreneurs proving insight into how the city of the future should be run?  Read the full story

Q&A: Robin Marrouche, Executive Director, Kimball Art Center

Robin Marrouche tells SmartPlanet about the importance of good architecture, the benefits of holding a design competition, and how to be a part of this small center's renovation.  Read the full story

US needs more R&D spending, technical graduates: government report

National Science Board reports that the US graduates only 20% as many science and engineering majors as leading Asian nations. Should we be concerned?  Read the full story

GE posts 18% profit decline; infrastructure shows strength

GE ends 2011 with strength in infrastructure and aviation and weakness in healthcare and home appliances. CEO Jeff Immelt says it's positioned to weather a tough 2012.  Read the full story

Signal Snowboards makes mashup board for surf and snow

Signal Snowboards took on a design challenge that married two of the world's biggest action sports.  Read the full story

Hydropower: Queen gets screwed. Bristol's next.

What's good for Her Majesty could also be good for the common folk of Britain.  Read the full story

Virtual campus visits let students, parents check out colleges

YourCampus360 now offers panoramic 'walking tours' of campuses in 30 U.S. states via Android smartphones, as well as the Apple iPhone and iPad.  Read the full story

Freeways still free in South Africa, for now

JOHANNESBURG -- The toll gantries loom large over the roads in Africa's busiest province. Years after construction, they do little more than bathe strips of road in black light.  Read the full story

Melbourne: Australia's $118m music capital

MELBOURNE -- Melbourne has a world class contemporary music scene that contributes culturally to the city, but what is it worth? A report reveals the music industry's full value.  Read the full story

Scientists predict if you will reach age 100

Scientists at Boston University have reported they can predict longevity through a new test.  Read the full story

Petroleum engineers become hot property

Graduates and professionals in the petroleum engineering industry are hot property - enough for companies to expend their efforts poaching them from rival companies.  Read the full story

The Morning Briefing: Advances in Genetic research

"The Morning Briefing" is SmartPlanet's daily roundup of must-read stories from the web. This morning we're reading about breakthroughs in genetic research.  Read the full story

India's blow to free speech as Rushdie misses its literary festival

JAIPUR -- The largest literary festival in the Asia-Pacific kicked off in India. But Salman Rushdie's absence raises questions about the future of free speech in the world's largest democracy.  Read the full story

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At CES, Ballmer highlights Windows phone, Windows 8, Xbox Kinect


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