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tech | Fri., August 07, 2009
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Top 5 for July
Last month, popular white papers focused on Windows 7, Virtualization, SAN, CRM, and SOA. Check out the Top 5 white papers, by category, for July. Also, take a look at some of the papers that have been recently added to the directory.

Data Management

BI and the Power of Choice (Oracle)

Five Steps to Successful IT Consolidation (Riverbed)

Determining Total Cost of Ownership for Data Center and Network Room Infrastructure (APC)

Defrag Myth Busters - What You Should Know (Diskeeper)

Essential Disaster Recovery Template (Simply Continuous)
Recently Added
Energy Efficient Cooling for Data Centers: A Close-Coupled Row Solution (APC)
Key Issues in Messaging Archiving (Sunbelt Software)


Smooth Your Move from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange & SharePoint

Keep your migration on-schedule and error-free - and ensure ongoing high performance reliability-by following the best practices in this FREE white paper.

Networking and Communications

TCP/IP Troubleshooting (Global Knowledge)

Router Essentials (Global Knowledge)

Focus Research: IP Phone Comparison Guide (Focus.Com)

SIP Trunking is Key to Accelerating Unified Communications Deployments (Sprint)

12 Things to Know When Troubleshooting Your Network (Global Knowledge)
Recently Added
Sept. 1 Webcast: Wireless Convergence and SIP Trunking: Plan Early, Save Money Now (ProfitLine)
Connecting the Enterprise: CDW's 2009 Unified Communications Tracking Poll (CDW)


Automation of Invoice Delivery

Find out how you can gain the efficiencies of electronic invoicing without any adverse affect on customers.


New Web Threats for 2009 (MessageLabs, now part of Symantec)

Keeping emails private - why businesses need email encryption (MessageLabs, now part of Symantec)

Network Security Policy: Best Practices (Cisco Systems)

The 10 Most Dangerous Risks to Microsoft Security (Global Knowledge)

How Vulnerable Are Your Cisco IOS Routers? (Global Knowledge)
Recently Added
Aug. 13 Webcast: The "Outside-In" Confidential Data Security Mode (Trend Micro)
Aug. 19 Webcast: Improve Your Competitive Edge through Network Security Consolidation (SonicWALL)

Check out the IT and Business courses offered by Global Knowledge in the TechRepublic Training Directory!
Here are three popular titles:

Servers and Server OS

Infrastructure Consolidation (Dell)

Five Steps to Determine When to Virtualize Your Servers (VMware)

The True Costs of Virtual Server Solutions (VMware)

Guide to Deploying Microsoft Windows Server 2003 on Dell PowerEdge Servers (Dell)

Why Isn't Server Virtualization Saving Us More? (VMware)
Recently Added
Aug. 13 Webcast: Migrating from Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps (Google)
Aug. 20 Webcast: Choosing Google Apps over Microsoft Exchange (Google)

Technology, perspective, and insights shaping the world.
Visit today!

Enterprise Applications

Choosing the Best CRM for Your Organization (Oracle)

On-Premise CRM Comparison Guide (Inside CRM)

Social CRM: The Real Way to Serve Customers (Oracle)

Project Guide: ERP Implementation Best Practices, Tools Analysis, and Risk Assessment for Rapid Implementation (Oracle)

Top 10 Questions to Ask When Choosing an ERP Solution (Inside ERP)
Recently Added
Customer Relationship Management: The Winning Strategy in a Challenging Economy (Microsoft)
Consolidate Management Software and Reduce Cost (IBM)


SAN Conceptual and Design Basics (EMC)

Storage Choices For Virtual Server Environments (Dell EqualLogic)

Building a Highly Reliable SAN (Dell EqualLogic)

IT Consolidation with VMware and Dell Equallogic iSCSI SANs a Fully Virtualized IT Environment (Dell EqualLogic)

Data Management Challenges in the Internet Computing Era (Brocade Communications Systems)
Recently Added
Setting the record straight: SAN defrag is vital to storage performance (Diskeeper)
Slash Storage Costs, Archive to the Cloud (Iron Mountain)

Desktops, Laptops and OS

Simplifying PC Support and Procurement (Dell)

Best Practices for Migrating to Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite (Quest Software)

Windows 7 Review Guide (Global Knowledge)

10 things to know about Grid Infrastructure (Oracle)

11 Things to Know About Active Directory Recovery (Quest Software)
Recently Added
Aug. 27 Webcast: Best Practices for Windows 7 Migration (KACE)
The Value-Driven Paradigm (Oracle)

IT Management

Essential Manager's Guide: Communications Tools for the Effective Worker (Avaya)

8 Steps to Immediately Reduce Workforce Costs (SuccessFactors, Inc.)

The Pillars of Performance Management: Free eBook and strategy manual (SumTotal Systems)

The IT Strategic Plan Step-By-Step (Forrester Research)

Euclid: Solutions - ITIL/ ITSM (Euclid)
Recently Added
Winning the Information Management Game (Oracle)
Strategies for Success: An SMB Guide to Learning Management (SumTotal Systems)

Software and Development

SOA for Dummies 2nd IBM Limited Edition Mini eBook (IBM)

Software Development's Classic Mistakes 2008 (Construx Software Builders)

How to become an SOA superhero (IBM)

Building a Database-Driven Web Site Using PHP and MySQL (MySQL)

Eliminate the Testing Bottleneck with Requirements-Based Testing (Borland Software)
Recently Added
What a DB2 DBA Should Know About XML (BMC Software)
All About Azure (ZDNet)

Professions and Industries

10 Hot Skills for 2009 (Global Knowledge)

10 Dying IT Skills (Global Knowledge)

2009 IT Skills and Salary Report (Global Knowledge)

Rapid E-Learning: Maturing Technology Brings Balance and Possibilities (Adobe Systems)

The New Microsoft IT Pro Certifications and Exams (Global Knowledge)
Recently Added
8 Strategies to Transform the Economics of Retailing (Oracle)
2009 Small Business Hiring Guide (CareerBuilder.Com)

Explore Research Areas

Data management (Data Infrastructure, Data Tools, more...)

Desktops, laptops and OS (Client System Hardware, Components, Desktop Client OS, Handhelds, Portable Device Client, more...)

Enterprise applications (Customer Management, Enterprise Planning, Workflow Management, more...)

IT management (Business Functions, IT Budgeting, IT Infrastructure, Project Management, more...)

Networking and communications (LAN - WAN, Mobile and Wireless, Network Management, Network Technologies, more...)

Professions and industries (Government, Homeland Security, Education, Financial Services, more...)

Security (Authentication - Encryption, Intrusion - Tampering, Security Administration, more...)

Servers and Server OS (Server Hardware, more...)

Software and Web development (E-commerce - E-business, Internet and Web, Software Web Development Tools, more...)

Storage (Management, Storage Hardware, more...)

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