Saturday, August 15, 2009

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Hardware 2.0
Alerts for from | Aug 15, 2009 2:48:43 PM

Core i5 processors at

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Quick post for those waiting for Core i5 processors to appear - seems that have some, and they're listed as in stock.

Thu Aug 13 11:26:05 PDT 2009

Dell: Linux netbook returns a "non-issue"

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: According to uber-OEM Dell, the whole debate about Linux netbook returns is a "non-issue".

Thu Aug 13 08:38:52 PDT 2009

Can Zune HD topple the iPod touch?

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Microsoft is having a hard time breaking into the portable media player market, but can the combination of the Zune HD, along with undercutting Apple be what finally works?

Thu Aug 13 07:26:03 PDT 2009

The price factor

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: This morning I read two fine articles here on ZDNet that looked at price. Jason Perlow touched on price in his "Der Frankenputer" piece, and Andrew Nusca took the subject of price head on in his piece "Culture of cheap: How discount computers cost the consumer". But what effect does price have on a consumer?

Thu Aug 13 05:46:31 PDT 2009

How long can Apple dodge the antitrust bullet?

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: If you ask me, Apple is getting dangerously close to putting itself in the line of fire from an antitrust bullet. And when it comes, it'll have nothing to do with the iPod or Mac OS, but instead it's the way Apple manages the App Store.

Thu Aug 13 03:38:02 PDT 2009


Thu Aug 13 03:38:02 PDT 2009

Windows 7 Starter edition introduces genuine "Microsoft tax"

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: At its annual financial analyst day last month, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer confirmed that the Starter edition of Windows 7 would be limited to devices with small screens, small keyboards and low-power processors. Say hello to the "Microsoft tax".

Wed Aug 12 07:02:49 PDT 2009

DVD Jon subpoenaed in Apple anti-trust lawsuit

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Jon Lech Johansen, better known to most as "DVD Jon" has been subpoenaed as part of the ongoing iPod/iTunes antitrust lawsuit.

Tue Aug 11 17:22:06 PDT 2009

Remote control overload

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: From where I'm sitting I can see at least seven remote controls. Maybe it's just me, and maybe it's the lateness of the hour, but this seems like an insane number to me.

Tue Aug 11 17:09:39 PDT 2009

A year on, Sony finally owns up to using dodgy NVIDIA GPUs

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Last summer it emerged that a large number of NVIDIA GPUs were failing due to thermal issues. Most OEMs, after a littler persuasion, handled the issue in a civil and dignified manner. However it's taken Sony over a year to admit that some of its notebooks were affected.

Tue Aug 11 09:55:40 PDT 2009

Sony kills virtualization on Vaio notebooks

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: If you are one of those people who spent close to $2,000 on a shiny Sony Vaio notebook, you should know that your ability to run XP Mode in Windows 7 has been deliberately disable ... by Sony.

Tue Aug 11 09:40:09 PDT 2009

Are you thwarted by technology?

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Is there a bit of technology that you own or have to use that's preventing you from getting a job done or accomplishing a goal?

Tue Aug 11 07:58:21 PDT 2009

XP or Vista - Which is more at risk from Windows 7?

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: It's been around 30 months since Windows Vista hit the General Availability milestone, and in that time the OS has only managed to claw some 18% of the OS market share. Compare that weak market share to the aging Windows XP, which even today commands an impressive 73% market share. With Windows 7 now only a few weeks away from the General Availability milestone, it's interesting to wonder what effect 7 will have on XP and Vista market share.

Tue Aug 11 07:19:49 PDT 2009

Is Apple suffering because it has outgrown its Reality Distortion Field?

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Apple has grown to become one of the most influential tech companies on the planet. One trick that Apple has employed to great effect is the Reality Distortion Field (RDF). But lately I can't help but feel that Apple has grown so big, so fast that it has outgrown the protective shield of the RDF and is now having to face up to the sort of criticisms that all multi-billion dollar companies face?

Mon Aug 10 06:00:55 PDT 2009

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