Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Download: Virtualization Resource Kit from NEC

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Download: Virtualization Resource Kit from NEC

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Today's increasing usage of the virtual environment provides wide range of integration and cost reduction. Virtualization and server consolidation address the needs of today's data center environment by taking a large step forward towards a more rational, efficient, and flexible system infrastructure.
Download these exclusive whitepapers from NEC and learn how NEC's integrated ExpressCluster solution of High Availability (HA), Disaster Recovery (DR), and Data Protection enables fast recovery and continuous protection of critical applications.
Integrated System Continuity Solutions for Virtual System Consolidation
Many companies introduce virtual systems to improve the effectiveness of server usage. However, virtual systems are already relatively complex to implement efficiently and there are several risks which we are unaware of.

Download and find out how NEC's ExpressCluster can be your virtual system continuity solution.
Top 10 Reasons to Choose ExpressCluster in Virtualized World
The need for business continuity solutions that enable to resolve business disruptions from unplanned downtime are rapidly increasing. 10 reasons of business continuity solution clarify the risks of consolidated virtual servers and declare how to maintain functions of critical applications and data.

Download and discover more on NEC's ExpressCluster continuity solution for critical applications and data systems.
Case study : Leading Large Scale Retail Store
Learn how a leading department store in China improved its business continuity and reduced server instability by implementing a robust solution which cut down business costs and server downtime.

Download and learn more on NEC's ExpressCluster case study for solution to critical server systems.

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