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The Toybox
Alerts for from | Aug 15, 2009 2:48:45 PM

Zune HD release date and Apple iPod announcement uncomfortably close to each other

As of today, Microsoft's Zune HD is available for pre-order. It has gotten rave reviews, and it seems like it could be the first product in Microsoft's line of MP3 players that could actually compete with Apples iPod -- at least that was the idea behind it. But things might...

Thu Aug 13 14:10:09 PDT 2009

Gadget Gal's daily deals: Garmin nuvi GPS, HP Pavilion laptop, Olympus Stylus digital camera

Jennifer Bergen: A Garmin nuvi GPS navigator, an HP Pavilion laptop, and an Olympus Stylus digital camera. Here are your daily deals for Thursday, August 13, straight from the Gadget Gal: 1. Amazon’s deal of the day is the Garmin n?vi 855 4.3-Inch Widescreen Portable GPS Navigator. Today’s Gold Box price is $199.99, which is 60 percent off [...]

Thu Aug 13 08:07:24 PDT 2009

Google Books privacy debate: Whose side are you on?

Jennifer Bergen: I was listening to NPR yesterday, and one story lingered with me throughout the day. So, I figured I’d take it to the blogs and see what you all have to say about the matter. Here’s the deal: Some authors have mixed feelings about Google’s ongoing behemoth of a project to scan millions of library books [...]

Thu Aug 13 05:30:46 PDT 2009

Best Buy will not honor $9.99 HDTV deal

Best Buy's Web site offered a 52-inch TV for less than $10 yesterday, but the deal was too good to be true. Early Wednesday morning, listed a 52-in. Samsung LN52A650 LCD HDTV for $9.99 -- more than $1,600 off the $1,799 sticker...

Thu Aug 13 05:05:55 PDT 2009

Microsoft taking pre-orders for Zune HD media player; $219 for 16GB; Sept. 15

Microsoft announced on Thursday that its Zune HD portable digital media player is available now for pre-order. The device is expected to arrive on store shelves on Sept. 15. [ZDNet Image Gallery: Hands-on with Zune HD] The player, available ...

Wed Aug 12 17:00:00 PDT 2009

Livespeakr turns iPhone, iPod touch into portable sound system for $85

The Livespeakr is the most innovative speaker system for the iPhone and iPod touch on the market, and it's awfully punchy for $85. by Andrew Nusca

Wed Aug 12 15:51:31 PDT 2009

Dell introduces, 14.1", 15.6" Vostro laptops for small business

Dell on Wednesday announced the latest additions to its Vostro portfolio of computer for small businesses, the Vostro 1014, 1015 and 1088 laptops. The new 14.1 and 15.6 inch systems are intended for entry-level, everyday computing needs, and offer Intel Core 2 processors,...

Wed Aug 12 07:42:17 PDT 2009

Gadget Gal's daily deals: save on refurbished Dell computers, Motorola DJ Bluetooth headphones, Vizio HDTV

A pair of Motorola DJ Bluetooth headphones, a 32-inch Vizio HDTV, and a deal on refurbished Dell laptops, desktops, LCD monitors, and workstations. Here are your daily deals for Wednesday, August 12, straight from the Gadget Gal: 1. Today is the last day to save an extra ...

Tue Aug 11 17:00:00 PDT 2009

Culture of cheap: How discount computers cost the consumer

The American obsession with low-priced products -- especially electronics -- is actually bad for the individual consumer. According to one expert, the race to the bottom cramps innovation, speeds the decline of successful industries and alters our expectations of product quality. Are thinning margins and the economics of cheap ruining ...

Tue Aug 11 17:00:00 PDT 2009

Verbatim 'Tuff-n-Tiny' USB drive is 0.06-inch thin; up to 8GB

Verbatim announced on Tuesday its new Tuff-N-Tiny family of ultraportable USB drives, which are a svelte 0.06 inches thin, or about the thickness of a penny. The drives come in capacities of 4GB and 8GB and in colors of...

Tue Aug 11 11:24:41 PDT 2009

Quickfire Deal: Creative Labs Vado HD Pocket Camcorder

Get the Creative Labs Vado HD 720p Pocket Video Camcorder with 8 GB Video Storage and 2x Digital Zoom (black) today only at for $99.99. The camcorder has a list price of $229.99, and usually sells for $124.99 on Amazon, but you can save 57 ...

Mon Aug 10 17:00:00 PDT 2009

View and edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF files in Google Android

Microsoft partner DataViz has announced that it is now shipping Documents To Go 2.0 for the Google Android mobile platform. The new version of the popular office suite brings the enterprise-grade productivity tool to Android devices such as the T-Mobile myTouch 3G, T-Mobile ...

Mon Aug 10 17:00:00 PDT 2009

Apple offers matte display option for 15-in. MacBook Pro; charges $50

There has been a whole lotta hoopla over Apple's decision to go with glossy screens on its new MacBook line of laptop computers. Originally only an option on the several-thousand-dollar 17-inch flagship Pro model, the "matte" (or in Apple-speak, "Antiglare") display option has ...

Mon Aug 10 17:00:00 PDT 2009

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