Thursday, August 6, 2009

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All about Microsoft
Alerts for from | Aug 6, 2009 8:45:00 PM

OpenOffice users: Just say no to a Microsoft-like Ribbon interface

Mary Jo Foley: From the "truth is stranger than fiction" desk (via Slashdot), the camp is showing off a prototype of its rival desktop productivity suite that has a very Microsoft-Office-like interface. And many OpenOffice users are none too happy about it.

Wed Aug 05 15:09:08 PDT 2009

Tax concerns to push Microsoft Azure cloud hosting out of Washington state

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft is making preparations to move applications that developers are hosting on its Azure cloud infrastructure out of its Washington state datacenter, due to a change in the tax laws there.

Wed Aug 05 11:55:45 PDT 2009

Just like that, Microsoft to gain 400+ new employees

Mary Jo Foley: There are a couple of details about the Microsoft-Yahoo search partnership I found interesting, especially when comparing Yahoo's 8-K filing to the Yahoo-Microsoft costs slide that Microsoft erroneously included in a Financial Analyst Meeting slide deck last week.

Wed Aug 05 07:33:47 PDT 2009

MSDN, TechNet users to get Windows 7 tomorrow

Mary Jo Foley: A quick reminder: Bar any server overload issues, the final Windows 7 bits will be available on August 6 to a slew of Microsoft customers.

Wed Aug 05 06:54:01 PDT 2009

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