Thursday, August 6, 2009

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Hardware 2.0
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7 RTM vs. Vista SP1 vs. XP SP3 - Shootout, Part 1

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Over the past few months I've talked a lot about the performance side of things with regard to Windows 7. However, I've not been able to give you any actual numbers because the EULA for the beta and release candidate versions of Windows 7 prohibited me from doing so. However, now that Windows 7 has hit the RTM I can carry out benchmark tests and provide you with real numbers.

Wed Aug 05 11:26:31 PDT 2009

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Does fragmentation affect SANs, NAS, and RAID?

Download this white paper to learn why RAID, NAS, and SAN arrays are just as prone to fragmentation as a single physical drive. (Diskeeper)

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