Wednesday, August 5, 2009

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The Mobile Gadgeteer
Alerts for from | Aug 5, 2009 8:20:25 PM

Facebook photo uploads come to the Nintendo DSi

Matthew Miller: Are you ready to soon see a bunch of crazy photos appearing on your friends and family's Facebook pages? I read over on Gear Diary that Facebook photo upload support was added to the Nintendo DSi (see my review) on the evening of 3 August. I grabbed my DSi and discovered that a system update was available. After the system update, I found that the Facebook integration was available in the camera/photo gallery module.

Tue Aug 04 22:10:48 PDT 2009

Tablet devices suck, so why does Apple want to make one?

Matthew Miller: The rumors of an Apple tablet/large screen iPod continue to live on, along with the possible upcoming Crunchpad device. After reading Jeremy Toeman's latest article titled, The Tablet That Nobody Really Wants..., I have to say I think he put into words perfectly what most of us have been thinking. I have tried different tablet devices in the past and I see very little benefit from them for the majority of people. The iPhone/iPod touch seem to be just about as big as you need for a productive web surfing and media consumption device and a tablet Apple really does not make much sense to me.

Tue Aug 04 07:08:59 PDT 2009

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