Tuesday, November 29, 2011

With 3-D imaging, a new face for extreme surgery | SmartPlanet Daily

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SmartPlanet Member | November 29, 2011

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With 3-D imaging, a new face for extreme surgery

A new type of three-dimensional model can help surgeons better predict and plan for the extreme procedure of face transplantation.  Read the full story

Atlanta unifies, digitizes downtown surveillance systems

The City of Atlanta has upgraded and unified disparate surveillance systems to better survey activity in its downtown district. Motorola landed the contract.  Read the full story

'Shadow models' help cities optimize energy consumption

With the help of atmospheric data and several supercomputers, Spanish researchers have created "shadow models" that can help a city optimize energy consumption.  Read the full story

Clean energy policy is political priority for Americans [survey]

When it comes to climate change beliefs -- and opinions about government involvement -- Democrats and Republicans might be closer than you think on some issues.  Read the full story

Computers know you're sad, then try to help

MADRID -- A computer uses voice recognition to assess emotions and then responds to them.  Read the full story

Night lighting for Stonehenge?

Druid bobblehead doll! Get your Druid bobblehead doll! Call it the biggest debate of its sort since Wrigley Field. Fans of England's world-famous stone circle square off over whether to illuminate.  Read the full story

Organic-only for Beijing's middle-class moms

BEIJING -- Concerned about food safety, Beijing's mothers are setting up their own organic delivery teams.  Read the full story

How many genomes do you have?

More than one unique genome can probably be found among your body's cells. Science is still trying to determine what that variation might mean for your health.  Read the full story

Bike-powered movies on show in Hong Kong

HONG KONG -- At movie screenings hosted by Magnificent Revolution, audiences are treated to short films in outdoor theaters--but they have to work for it. Or more precisely, work out for it.  Read the full story

Los Angeles turns foreclosed homes into pocket parks

Foreclosure site are a drain on cities. Find out how a Los Angeles program is turning the sites into a community asset.  Read the full story

In Boston, architects design a public face for the profession

The Boston chapter of the American Institute of Architects is rebuilding its offices and its image to promote architecture culture in the city of Boston.  Read the full story

China well positioned to win solar race

Low materials cost, quality, and technology make China is uniquely positioned to dominate several sectors of the solar energy marketplace.  Read the full story

Can 10,000 hours of practice make a genius?

Does 10,000 hours of practice make one the master of any chosen pursuit? The theory finally gets put to the test.  Read the full story

Paper goods, appliances get green 'seal'

The Good Housekeeping consumer seal has been extended in six categories to consider environmental criteria such as toxicity, recycled content and energy consumption.  Read the full story

$2.5B NASA rover takes off to look for life on Mars

NASA launched Curiosity on Saturday. The rover will search for evidence of life on the Red Planet using cameras, a robotic arm, a drill, and a laser to test rocks on Mars.  Read the full story

GE steps up low-dose radiation imaging investment

Single imaging treatments don't harm the patient, but the radiation exposure can add up. GE is looking to balance the risk and rewards in imaging tests.  Read the full story

AngloAmerican builds homes from own industrial waste

The international mining company is making good use of its gypsum byproducts to make what it calls 'low cement' bricks.  Read the full story

Do we really need a $443 million smallpox drug?

Siga Technologies was awarded a U.S. government contract worth $433 million to develop an experimental drug for smallpox. The problem: it was eradicated in 1978.  Read the full story

Pattern Energy signs 20-year agreement for Chile wind project

Pattern Energy Group signed a 20-year contract for the largest wind energy project in Chile, the 115-megawatt El Arrayan.  Read the full story

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