Monday, November 28, 2011

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SmartPlanet Member | November 28, 2011

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Malls to track shoppers' cell phones during holiday season

Two malls in the United States will use a new tracking system to follow shoppers' movements during the holiday season.  Read the full story

Panasonic to build $580 million solar cell factory

In hopes of giving itself a competitive edge and meeting its market ambitions, Panasonic announced it will build its first overseas solar cell factory.  Read the full story

'Instant cities' to manage booming Asian population

The global population is booming, much of it in urban areas. Nowhere is this more apparent in Asia. How will we cope? Greg Lindsay suggests the instant city.  Read the full story

Russian exodus puts nation's BRIC status in jeopardy

Stuck in Putin politics, Russians are leaving the country to seek opportunity elsewhere. Or are they? A BRIC nation battles economic turmoil.  Read the full story

Make sustainable products easier to buy, shoppers say

Research finds that even consumers who don't consider themselves particularly 'green' would welcome better product eco-labeling.  Read the full story

NYC to get electric truck manufacturing plant

New York will soon be getting a little greener. Smith Electric, a company that makes zero-emissions commercial trucks, will be manufacturing them in the Big Apple starting in 2012.The company already has plants in Kansas City, MO, and near Newcastle, England. NYC officials gave the company roughly $11 million in incentives to build in the city. The plant will reportedly be in the South...  Read the full story

Irish bars adapt to excel in Madrid

MADRID -- Irish bars are not just for St. Patty's Day and brits living abroad. Irish bars are dominating Madrid's bar scene, filling up nightly, even in a time of high unemployment and recession.  Read the full story

World's most famous street goes green for the holidays

PARIS -- Solar energy powers the famed Champs Elysees holiday lights for the first time this year as the City of Light looks increasingly towards greener practices  Read the full story

Can cloud computing mean free heat for homes?

Researchers say homeowners could get free heat in exchange for hosting micro data centers -- a.k.a. data furnaces -- in their basements.  Read the full story

Behind the scenes at a global design competition

A video offers a peek at the judging process for the 2012 iF awards, considered to be global "seals of excellence" for product, communication, material, and packaging designs.  Read the full story

All glass walkway circles China's Tianmen Mountain

In Hunan, China, a newly opened transparent observation platform offers awe and vertigo inspiring views of a historic mountain.  Read the full story

Where does New York City's garbage go? [video]

The waste statistics for the largest city in the U.S. are staggering. See how complex systems make waste management function in New York City.  Read the full story

Global renewable energy investment surpasses fossil fuels

Global investment into renewable power sources surpassed investment into fossil fuel power plants in 2010, according to a Bloomberg report.  Read the full story

Q&A: Andy Wales, sustainable development chief, SABMiller

Water scarcity is a business-critical issue for multinational brewing giant SABMiller. We talk to sustainable development chief Andy Wales to see what's on tap.  Read the full story

Bozeman mayor Jeff Krauss loves science, challenges creationism

I visited the Bozeman mayor at the Museum of the Rockies. Jeff Krauss talks about the importance of science for our economic future, why he is bothered by creationists, and his past as a blue collar worker at the railroad.  Read the full story

The weird and recycled world of Hong Kong's coolest design show (photos)

HONG KONG -- Artists created installations made (mostly) of trash in an old, disused dormitory for this year's Detour exhibition, which runs from Nov. 25 to Dec. 11.  Read the full story

Is the solution to sprawl reimagining office parks?

With half of the office space in the United States located in the suburbs, we need to rethink the suburban office park. Here are three solutions.  Read the full story

Mexico dials up new market for cell phone banking

Mexico recently passed a law permitting the sale of financial services via cell phone. Now the banking and communications industries see a chance to tap the millions of consumers who have a mobile phone but no bank account.  Read the full story

LEAPfactory high alpine pods give new meaning to 'room with a view'

Do LEAPfactory's high alpine pods mark the apex of mountain living, or are they just the latest playgrounds for the world's wealthiest?  Read the full story

Energy-slashing kitchen concept takes first at the Prix Emile Hermes competition

A group of French designers took first in design competition by presenting a cooking concept that can cut energy use in the kitchen by half.  Read the full story

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