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tech | Thurs., November 10, 2011
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Top 5 for October
Last month, popular white papers focused on Defragmentation, Cloud Computing, IT Skills, Windows 7 and Project Management. Check out the Top 5 white papers and Webcasts, by category, for October. Also, take a look at some of the papers and Webcasts that have been recently added to the directory.

Data Management

The human side of business continuity planning (IBM)

Why Native Windows Defragmentation Isn't Enough(Diskeeper)

Diskeeper 2011: Ensuring Maximum Performance On Windows 7 Systems (Diskeeper)

Top 10 Things System Administrators Need to Know About Virtualization (Global Knowledge)

Cloud Computing: What It Is and What It Can Do for You (Global Knowledge)
Recently Added
Cloud Computing On A Smarter Planet (IBM)
Understanding The Cloud Computing Stack: SaaS, PaaS, IaaS (Rackspace Hosting)


Webcast: The Perfect Storm - Drive Customer Satisfaction Up and Costs Down

If there were a way to increase your customer's satisfaction while lowering costs, you'd be interested, right? Watch this webcast to learn how your tech's performance plays a role in your business' ability to serve its customers.

Networking and Communications

Unified Communications Buyer's Guide (ShoreTel)

77 Features for Windows 7 that Every IT Professional Should Know About (Global Knowledge)

Resource Guide: Top 10 Benefits of a Server Refresh (TechRepublic)

Routing and Routing Protocols (Global Knowledge)

Cisco 802.11n Wireless LAN Design Guide (Cisco Systems)
Recently Added
How To Prime Your WLAN For Employee Devices (Aruba Networks)
5 Steps From Scheduler To Enterprise Workload Automation (BMC Software)


Best Practices for Migrating Linux/x86 Applications to Linux on IBM Power Systems

Discover best practices for selecting and migrating Linux/x86 workloads and applications to IBM Power Systems servers. Find out how you can reduce costs without compromising your ability to meet changing processing demands.


14 Security Policy Tips (Global Knowledge)

10 Essential Security Policies (Global Knowledge)

The 10 myths of safe web browsing (Sophos)

Top 5 Threat Protection Best Practices (Sophos)

Stopping Fake Anti-Virus - Keeping Scareware Off Your Network (Sophos)
Recently Added
Nov. 16 Webcast: 8 Threats Your Antivirus Won't Stop (Sophos)
Nov. 17 Webcast: 10 Benefits Of Next Generation Network Security Strategies (GFI Software)

Check out the IT and Business courses offered by Global Knowledge in the TechRepublic Training Directory!
Here are three POPULAR titles:

Servers and Server OS

Minimizing Windows 7 "Interface Shock" (Global Knowledge)

Leveraging Windows 7 for Better User Support (Global Knowledge)

Choosing a Cloud Hosting Provider with Confidence: VeriSign SSL Certificates Provide a Secure Bridge to Trusted Cloud Hosting Providers (VeriSign)

10 Security Concerns for Cloud Computing (Global Knowledge)

10 Ways to Save with Desktop Virtualization (Global Knowledge)
Recently Added
How To Master Capacity Planning in Virtual Environments (SolarWinds)
Microsoft Servers And Their Roadmaps (ZDNet)

Technology, perspective, and insights shaping the world.
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Enterprise Applications

SOA For Dummies: IBM Limited Edition Mini EBook (IBM)

13 Infrastructure Decisions That Result In Poor IT Security (Global Knowledge)

Free Project Manager Toolkit (AtTask)

2011 Application Performance Almanac (dynaTrace software)

How Do You Evaluate Which On-Demand CRM Solution Is Right For You? (Oracle)
Recently Added
Clearing The Clouds - Shining A Light On Successful Enterprise Risk Management (IBM)
Migrating A Website To Drupal (Acquia)


5 Fragmention Myths That Waste Time and Money (Diskeeper)

Storage Efficiency Calculator (IBM)

Identifying Reliability/Stability Issues Caused By File Fragmentation (Diskeeper)

8 Tips for Troubleshooting VMware vSphere (Global Knowledge)

The important role of storage for success in server virtualization (PC Mall)
Recently Added
A Best Practice Guide To Archiving Persistent Data (Quantum)
Growing arrays need bigger pipes (Intel)

Desktops, Laptops and OS

Windows 7 Troubleshooting Tips (Global Knowledge)

Seven for 7: Best Practices For Securing Windows 7 (Sophos)

Speeding Up File Transfers in Windows 7 (Global Knowledge)

Minimizing Windows 7 "Interface Shock" (Global Knowledge)

10 Ways to Save with Desktop Virtualization (Quest Software)
Recently Added
Transforming The Workplace From The Desktop (IBM)
BYO Device: How to handle consumer gadgets in your workplace (

IT Management

Top 11 IT Skills for 2011 (Global Knowledge)

2011 IT Skills and Salary Report (Global Knowledge)

15 Top Paying IT Certifications (Global Knowledge)

10 Tech Skills That Are Heading the Way of the Dinosaur (Global Knowledge)

Mastering Problem Management (Global Knowledge)
Recently Added
Nov. 16 Webcast: Top 10 Considerations For Mixed Mobile Portfolios (ProfitLine)
Key Trends Driving Global Business Resilience And Risk - Findings From The 2011 IBM Global Business Resilience And Risk Study (IBM)

Software and Development

12 Advantages of Agile Software Development (Global Knowledge)

Transforming Software Development in Financial Services (CollabNet)

A Visual Review of NAT and PAT (Global Knowledge)

An innovative option for fast iPad and iPhone development (FileMaker)

Simplify Application Performance Monitoring (Quest Software)
Recently Added
The Keys To Distributed & Agile Application Development (CollabNet)
The Future of Software Delivery is Cloudy: Leveraging the Cloud to transform development and test (IBM)

Professions and Industries

Introduction to Negotiation: A Primer for "Getting to Yes" (Global Knowledge)

Advanced Business Analytics Enable Better Decisions in Banking (SAP)

Moving the Needle: How SkillSoft Learning Impacts Performance of Individuals and Organizations (SkillSoft)

Improving Bank Performance: Overcoming Common Planning-Related Obstacles (SAP)

Self-Service That Really Serves (Oracle)
Recently Added
Nov. 30 Webcast: The Future Of Business Collaboration (Citrix)
Dec. 13 Webcast: Google Apps And The Retail Industry (Google)

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Storage (Management, Storage Hardware, more...)

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