Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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SmartPlanet Member | November 30, 2011

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Flying robots to build structure in France

Robotics inventor Raffaello D'Andrea teams up with robot-friendly architects Gramazio & Kohler to build a 20-foot-high tower that's part sculpture, part design experiment  Read the full story

Flexible robot wiggles through tight places

Introducing a new type of robot: a soft robot. Inspired by animals that don't have a hard skeleton, the robot is made with soft lithography materials by the Harvard man who pioneered the flexible technology.  Read the full story

Two million year old tartar will crack secret of "cave man" diet

Scientists finally have a way to obtain direct evidence of what our ancestors ate -- which might tell us something about what we should eat today.  Read the full story

Why your office is so unbearable (hint: it's the design)

Why does your workplace suck? LUNAR's John Edson offers three traits that no company can afford to exclude when it comes to office design.  Read the full story

Why energy journalism is so bad

Energy futurist Chris Nelder tries to explain why most energy journalism is so bad, and gives readers a few tips on how to read it critically.  Read the full story

Stanford's free global online classroom to expand next semester

Stanford professors opened two courses to the world in the fall 2011 semester, to great interest. Now the effort is being expanded, and will include courses on launching startups.  Read the full story

A peek at Exeter College's new 'third quad'

Alison Brooks Architects won the competition to design a new quadrangle for a 700-year-old university in the U.K. It's a study in balancing past and present.  Read the full story

China: for innovation, too big to fail?

John Quelch writes in the Harvard Business Review that China has a clear, coordinated innovation strategy -- and the U.S. does not. Is the "Asian Century" upon us?  Read the full story

Information overload: you're at fault, not technology

Tired, stressed and incapable of paying attention? You're suffering from information overconsumption, not overload. And it's your fault, Clay Johnson argues.  Read the full story

Mars rover Curiosity powered by nuclear energy

The latest Mars rover has ditched the solar panels used in other missions and has opted instead for nuclear. Why this energy source makes sense on Mars and for this mission.  Read the full story

How nuclear will make oil greener

Canada could clean up its oil sands industry by using small reactors as a heat source for energy-intensive extraction. Maybe then it would stop backing off its Kyoto greenhouse gas reduction goals.  Read the full story

Paris airports release new real-time updates and app

PARIS -- Airports revamp sullied image by introducing new real-time communications services and application to help travelers in transit  Read the full story

Pollution-fighting living wall installed in a London Tube station

A new beautiful vertical garden has been will be unveiled this week at a Tube stop in downtown London as part of an effort to clean the city's air.  Read the full story

Little Printer is the analog assistant you didn't know you wanted

Maybe print isn't dead, yet. The Little Printer from design studio BERG might just make you yearn for more paper in your life.  Read the full story

Visualizing our urbanized world [infographic]

A new map shows just how much we like to cluster together in cities.  Read the full story

South Korea's redesigned road signs

South Korea's redesigned national road signage system reflects the country's rising international prominence.  Read the full story

Castlight: know what medical procedures cost beforehand

Like the Travelocity of healthcare, a San Francisco startup lets patients comparison shop.  Read the full story

ACS acquires Breakaway; cloud-based EMR training for healthcare

Xerox-owned ACS will acquire The Breakaway Group in a bid to bring cloud-based training for electronic medical records to nurses and physicians.  Read the full story

Diapers that bypass landfills

Six to ten diapers a day. That's how many times a baby usually needs to be changed. It all adds up and then ENDS up in our landfills. SmartPlanet's Sumi Das checks out gDiapers, an eco-friendlier option.  Read the full story

The energy of Thanksgiving travel

Nearly 60 million Americans traveled for Thanksgiving, using nearly enough energy to power 1,575 homes for an entire year (or every kitchen freezer for one morning).  Read the full story

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Diapers that bypass landfills

Diapers that bypass landfills

Medical device takes the guess work out of speech therapy

Medical device takes the guess work out of speech therapy

Can a smart wristband make you healthier?

Can a smart wristband make you healthier?

Acoustics technology alerts police of gun violence

Acoustics technology alerts police of gun violence

Solar Insight 2011: How is the U.S. solar market faring?

Solar Insight 2011: How is the U.S. solar market faring?


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