Friday, November 18, 2011

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ZDNet Downloads Digest
ZDNet Member | November 18, 2011
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This Week's Featured Download


 MediaMonkey Standard (Windows)

MediaMonkey is the media manager for serious collectors. It catalogs audio and video files and can be customized to the needs of different 'collections' (e.g. contemporary, classical music, audiobooks, home movies, tv, videos), whether they're located on a hard drive or a network.



Live Webcast: The Future of Business Collaboration

When getting together isn't a possibility, we rely on communication tools to connect us. In the past, this meant phone calls and e-mails, but not anymore. Tune in to this webcast to learn more about the future of business collaboration.

New Downloads


 Aml Maple Portable 2.65 build 498 (Windows)

Cursor displaying your keyboard layout (language) over working window and caret color indication. This application will display a flag or a symbol by your mouse cursor while detecting the various languages from your documents.


 Cloud Drive Optimiser (64-bit) (Windows)

Cloud Drive Optimizer, improves performance, reduces bandwidth and reduces your data storage requirements. The optimizer periodically analyzes and optimizes your data. This component can be installed on all iSCSI clients in the home or office.


 PerfectAntivirus 2012 (Windows)

PerfectAntivirus offers silent protection from viruses, spyware and phishing attempts using behavior-based screening and cloud technology to stop threats - known and unknown - dead in their tracks.


 My Network Speed 0.5 (Windows)

My Network Speed monitor in real time the network card and shows the speed (download / upload) in a tiny window.


 WinCrashReport 1.05 (Windows)

WinCrashReport provides an alternative to the built-in crash reporting program of Windows operating system. When application crashes in your system and Windows displays the internal crash window of the operating system, you can run WinCrashReport, and get extensive report about the crashed application.


 Deliver 2.3.25 (Mac)

Deliver is a complete solution to send and share files across the Internet and local networks easily. It supports FTP, MobileMe, Amazon S3 and other major services and offers automatic e-mail delivery notifications, delivery to multiple destinations, detailed tracking and much more.


 Namosofts Video Recovery (Windows)

Namosofts Video Recovery is a data recovery software that has been developed especially to recover lost video files including Blu-ray movie, DVD, QuickTime, and MPEG-4; and other else video or movie files which have been deleted or corrupted.


 Radiologik DJ 2011.11.1 (Mac)

Radiologik DJ is the DJ live assist specifically built for the needs of radio but very useful for all DJing needs with the exception of club mix features.


TechRepublic Highlights


Client Info Tracker

Your client relationships will be stronger if you know a thing or two -- or 10 -- about their needs, preferences, and the business itself. This simple form will help you keep up with the details.

10 essential items for onsite tech jobs

Save yourself the aggravation of discovering you don't have the tools you need when you arrive at a job site. With these items, you'll be ready for almost anything.

Computer hardware inventory list

When you're troubleshooting hardware problems, you need to know the make and model of the equipment you're dealing with. This list will make it easy to record the necessary details.

Fine-tune the Windows 7 search index

See how tweaking the Windows 7 Search Index can speed things up.

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Top Five Downloads


 Probabilistic Energy Optimization in Wireless Sensor Networks With Variable Size Griding


 Evaluating Service Disciplines for Mobile Elements in Wireless Ad Hoc Sensor Networks


 Reducing Data Collection Latency in Wireless Sensor Networks With Mobile Elements


 Reducing Power Consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks by Using Terrain Based Probabilistic Forwarding Scheme (TBPFS)


 An On-Demand Data Collection Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks With Mobile Elements


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