Thursday, March 15, 2012

U.S. fuel economy at record high | SmartPlanet Daily

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SmartPlanet Daily

SmartPlanet Member | March 15, 2012

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U.S. fuel economy at record high

Whether due to rising gas prices or greater eco-consciousness among consumers, U.S. fuel economy levels hit a record high in February.  Read the full story

Study: Gen-Y risk takers, Legal high business booms

How willing are you to chance your health and 'drop' a mystery substance?  Read the full story

In Providence, the shipping container office building

Providence, R.I., has a 3-story, 10,000 square-foot office building that was made with 32 recycled shipping containers.  Read the full story

Take the pill, get fired?

Sorry ladies, your boss can now pass judgement on what you get up to behind closed doors.  Read the full story

City turns five tons of toilets into pedestrian path

A major renovation project left Bellingham, Washington, with lots of old, inefficient toilets on its hands. Now, those johns are back in service.  Read the full story

Will the world really end in 2012?

NASA takes an in-depth look at the plausibility of several popular doomsday scenarios.  Read the full story

What turns a man's mind to mush? A female observer

Just tell a guy a woman's going to watch, and his cognitive functioning begins to decline, according to a new study.  Read the full story

GPS saves gas for produce delivery company

Indianapolis Fruit teamed with Navman Wireless to improve navigation for 60-plus delivery vehicles, cutting idling and delivery times in the process.  Read the full story

Hydrogen fuel made from a tiny forest of nanotrees

Scientists have built a forest of nanowire trees that can use solar energy to turn water into hydrogen fuel.  Read the full story

Lucky strike? Ireland finds oil

Think 'thick dark liquid' and 'Ireland', and Guinness springs to mind. Now something else is flowing on the Emerald Isle. Oil that is. They used to call it Texas Tea. Now is it Celtic Stout?  Read the full story

'Disease detectives' use high-tech sleuthing to protect us from pandemics

As the 'front-line troops' in the global battle against epidemics, officers in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Epidemic Intelligence Service chase germs and viruses across state and country borders using technology to monitor disease spread, staying on alert for the next great global health threat.  Read the full story

The Morning Briefing: New medical studies

"The Morning Briefing" is SmartPlanet's daily roundup of must-reads from the web. This morning we're reading about recent studies linked to human health.  Read the full story

Getting past big data's 'known unknowns': Google marketing evangelist tells all

In a new and entertaining talk, analytics expert Avinash Kaushik says all the big data in the world doesn't mean a thing if decision makers can't act on it.  Read the full story

Where do America's billionaires live?

Of the 1,226 personalities celebrated in the March 26 issue of Forbes, 425 call the United States home.  Read the full story

San Jose connects downtown to free Wi-Fi

To draw more businesses downtown, the "Capital of Silicon Valley" is installing a free wireless network.  Read the full story

In London, Nike designs the retail store of the future

Nike's newest showcase store features digital technology designed to inspire and motivate the athlete in each person.  Read the full story

Can unconventional furniture design change public interactions?

How much would urban exchanges change if public furniture design was widely integrated into city planning?  Read the full story

Help fund the science you want to see with

The newly launched crowdfunding community connects researchers with private donors. For $50, you'll be thanked in a scientific article, for $5,000, a new ant species will be named after you.  Read the full story

Study: Hydrofracking sickening animals, people

A Cornell University researcher has linked wildlife illnesses and death to "hydrofracking" natural gas drilling activities. Public health could be affected too, he cautioned.  Read the full story

Ahead of Olympics, London plows forward with Underground Wi-Fi

Despite security concerns about hackers and terrorists, London is moving forward with its plan to equip 120 "Tube" stations with wireless broadband Internet.  Read the full story

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Doctors use simple texts to deliver better healthcare in developing world

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Apple launches latest iPad with 4G


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