Friday, March 2, 2012

Canon 5D Mark III: Finally for real

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March 02, 2012

Karyne Levy
Senior copy editor
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Canon 5D Mark III: Finally for real
Canon finally announces the long-awaited update to its full-frame 5D Mark II dSLR, probably the most anticipated camera to come out in years. It's packed with capabilities for both still and video shooters.

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    iPad 3: The latest rumors
iPad 3: The latest rumors
In advance of next Wednesday's iPad unveiling, the Internet and the world are atwitter with guesses about how the tablet will differ from the iPad 2. Check out every single rumor in one handy place.

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    Final handheld battle: Vita vs. 3DS
Final handheld battle: Vita vs. 3DS
Nintendo and Sony square off in a battle to see which has the best dedicated handheld game system. It's likely that dedicated gaming will die with these two devices, so which one can go to its grave a winner?

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    Which ultrabook bests the rest?
Which ultrabook bests the rest?
With some new 2012 models getting great reviews, the ultrabook competition is heating up. CNET takes a close look at all the top models and compares them side by side to help you decide which you think is king.

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    Kapow! Jolt your audio up a notch
Kapow! Jolt your audio up a notch
The JBL SB 300 is a plus-size sound bar with excellent sound quality. If you want to take your home viewing experience to the next level, take a look, but keep an open mind: its unconventional style won't please everyone.

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