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tech | Thur., September 10, 2009
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Top 5 for August
Last month, popular white papers focused on Windows 7, ITIL, SQL Server, Virtualization, Unified Communications, and SOA. Check out the Top 5 white papers, by category, for August. Also, take a look at some of the papers that have been recently added to the directory.

Data Management

Network-based Backup (Riverbed)

The OSI Model: Understanding the Seven Layers of Computer Networks (Global Knowledge)

Data Quality Methods (Kismet Analytic)

Troubleshooting SQL 2005: Opening the Database Administrator's Toolbox (Global Knowledge)

Data Center Projects: Establishing a Floor Plan (APC)
Recently Added
HP Tech Talk - Customer Log Warehouse (HP)
Sept. 29 Webcast: Data governance and IBM System z - Your key to business optimization (IBM)


Free White Paper: Strengthening the Health of Your E-Mail System

Address performance problems and compliance issues--plus strengthen messaging across your enterprise--by deploying a solid e-mail reporting system.

Networking and Communications

Eleven Myths about 802.11 Wi-Fi Networks (Global Knowledge)

How Does Ping Really Work? (Global Knowledge)

Unified Messaging and Unified Communications (Global Knowledge)

Cisco Unified Communications: Unifying Communications Infrastructure (Global Knowledge)

TCP/IP Troubleshooting (Global Knowledge)
Recently Added
Sept. 17 Webcast: Migrating 12,000+ employees from Lotus Notes/Domino to Google Apps in 48 hours(Google)
Cloud Computing -- What is its Potential Value for Your Company? (Google)


Business Research and Development Spotlight: Crossing the Valley of Death

Explore the gap between the great plains of research funding and the orange groves of manufacturing, including the hardships encountered along the way.


Ten Ways Hackers Breach Security (Global Knowledge)

Security Reference Guide (CDW)

The 10 Most Dangerous Risks to Microsoft Security (Global Knowledge)

Better Security through Access-List Management (Global Knowledge)

BitLocker: Is It Really Secure? (Global Knowledge)
Recently Added
Sept. 16 Webcast: Protect Data and Client Trust: An End-to-End Approach to Protecting Your Web Applications and Your Organization (IBM)
Sept. 23 Webcast: Protecting PII (Personally Identifiable Information): What Data is at Risk and Why (Sophos)

Check out the IT and Business courses offered by Global Knowledge in the TechRepublic Training Directory!
Here are three popular titles:

Servers and Server OS

Virtualization Overview (Global Knowledge)

The Value of Virtualization (Global Knowledge)

Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V (Global Knowledge)

The Case for Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) (Global Knowledge)

Virtualization Reference Guide (CDW)
Recently Added
Sept. 17 Webcast: Scale Up and Save: Best practices for High-Density Virtualization & Consolidation (NEC)
Sept. 23 Webcast: Assessing the Migration to Exchange 2010 (Quest Software)

Technology, perspective, and insights shaping the world.
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Enterprise Applications

SharePoint: How It's Leveraged and How It Works (Global Knowledge)

Choosing the Best CRM for Your Organization (Oracle)

How to simplify the IT infrastructure with end-to-end automation of document processes (Esker)

The Top Five Emerging Trends in Learning Technology (SumTotal Systems)

Best Practices in the Call Center: A Customer Touch-Point Methodology (Oracle)
Recently Added
The Greening of SaaS (MessageLabs, now part of Symantec)
Accelerating Online Business Insights (Quantivo Corporation)


SAN Conceptual and Design Basics (EMC)

Storage Choices For Virtual Server Environments (Dell EqualLogic)

Building a Highly Reliable SAN (Dell EqualLogic)

IT Consolidation with VMware and Dell Equallogic iSCSI SANs a Fully Virtualized IT Environment (Dell EqualLogic)

Data Management Challenges in the Internet Computing Era (Brocade Communications Systems)
Recently Added
Portable Panic: The Evolution of USB Insecurity (Lumension)
Data Recovery and RAID Drives (CPR Tools)

Desktops, Laptops and OS

Windows 7 Review Guide (Global Knowledge)

Ten Things You Should Know about Windows 7 (Global Knowledge)

Troubleshooting Made Easy In Linux (Global Knowledge)

10 Red Hat Linux Tips and Tricks (Global Knowledge)

7 Things Every System Administrator Should Know About OpenSSH (Global Knowledge)
Recently Added
Sept. 15 Webcast: Strategies for Developing a Highly Collaborative Support Environment (Citrix and GoToAssist)
Sept. 30 Webcast: Ready, Set, Refresh! (Dell)

IT Management

The Pillars of Performance Management: Free eBook and strategy manual (SumTotal Systems)

8 ITIL: What It Is and Why You Should Care (Global Knowledge)

ITIL Version 3.0 -- What It Means to You (Global Knowledge)

Implementing ITIL Using the PMBOK in Four Repeatable Steps (Global Knowledge)

Harnessing the Power of ITIL (SkillSoft)
Recently Added
Top 5 IT Budget Killers (and how you can fight back) (IBM)
2009 Small Business Hiring Guide (

Software and Development

10 ASP.NET Tips To Increase Productivity and Simplify Maintenance (Global Knowledge)

Introduction for Using UML (Malardalen University)

SOA for Dummies 2nd IBM Limited Edition Mini eBook (IBM)

Software Development's Classic Mistakes 2008 (Construx Software Builders)

How to become an SOA superhero (IBM)
Recently Added
Comparative Management Costs Study: Oracle Database 11g Vs. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (Edison Group)
Oracle Database and Windows and .NET Interoperability: Packing Much More Than Meets the Eye (IDG)

Professions and Industries

10 Hot Skills for 2009 (Global Knowledge)

Effectively Managing Team Conflict (Global Knowledge)

Peppers & Rogers - Sales and Marketing: The New Power Couple (Microsoft)

10 Dying IT Skills (Global Knowledge)

8 Strategies to Transform the Economics of Retailing (Oracle)
Recently Added
Improving Healthcare Delivery with Role-Enabled Communications (NEC)
The Store: The Last Mile in Delivering Customer-Centricity (Oracle)

Explore Research Areas

Data management (Data Infrastructure, Data Tools, more...)

Desktops, laptops and OS (Client System Hardware, Components, Desktop Client OS, Handhelds, Portable Device Client, more...)

Enterprise applications (Customer Management, Enterprise Planning, Workflow Management, more...)

IT management (Business Functions, IT Budgeting, IT Infrastructure, Project Management, more...)

Networking and communications (LAN - WAN, Mobile and Wireless, Network Management, Network Technologies, more...)

Professions and industries (Government, Homeland Security, Education, Financial Services, more...)

Security (Authentication - Encryption, Intrusion - Tampering, Security Administration, more...)

Servers and Server OS (Server Hardware, more...)

Software and Web development (E-commerce - E-business, Internet and Web, Software Web Development Tools, more...)

Storage (Management, Storage Hardware, more...)

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