Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Dopest Skate Brands in 2013

Girl and Chocolate are separate brands, but they act like two sides of the same family, and after 20 years making decks and apparel for skateboarders, the clan is stronger than ever. The most recent Girl Films production, Pretty Sweet, signified a passing of the torch for one of the most talented skate teams in the biz. Leave little doubt that we're in for another 20 years of epic skating and killer goods.
2.Lifted Line
Lifted Line seems to be more of a general lifestyle brand then a hardcore skate brand but it's too dope not to mention. It's difficult to argue that Lifted Line has the best design team of the top 4. This brand appears to be growing into something unique that hasn't been seen before. Time will tell.
3.Diamond Supply
You probably know Diamond for the caps, tees, hoodies, and sneaker collab hype that have had the Internet going nuts for years, but it's important that you recognize the brand's roots in skate. The brand has gotten so popular so quick that it feels a bit cheesey feeling to be seen wearing it but at it's core it is and always has been one of the truest skate brands.
Grimey hip-hop. Drinking forties, smoking blunts, skating filthy street spots at night, and general hooliganism is what Palace is all about. No wonder you see the tees and skate decks stocked at Supreme, the only brand that compares to Palace when it comes to nailing that "fuck it" aesthetic.

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