Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Portable device detects HIV, tuberculosis | SmartPlanet Daily

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SmartPlanet Daily

SmartPlanet Member | February 08, 2012

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Portable device detects HIV, tuberculosis in 30 minutes

Two Cornell engineers have combined their work to create a handheld device that could offer speedy results to healthcare workers detecting pathogens in developing countries.  Read the full story

17-year-old devises potential cure for cancer

Angela Zhang has come up with a novel treatment for cancer that could someday lead to a cure -- and she hasn't even graduated from high school yet.  Read the full story

Devices worth millions discarded by Britons each year

Tonnes of gadgets are discarded every year - but are we missing out on some extra cash by being too lazy to recycle?  Read the full story

Pesticide-free flowers for Valentine's Day

Picking the perfect bunch of roses is no easy task. Pink or red? Organic or conventional? Sumi Das explains why many of the bouquets sent this February 14th may be coated with chemicals.  Read the full story

An urban experiment in rural Maine

Just because a county is populated by less than 20,000 people doesn't mean an urban community is out of the question. That's the thinking behind a proposed urban oasis in rural Maine.  Read the full story

Soraa's LED light aims to replace the halogen bulb

Soraa, the Khosla Ventures-backed LED startup, has come out of stealth mode to unveil its flagship product aimed to rival and replace the traditional 50-watt halogen bulb.  Read the full story

Inside Oakland's pop-up neighborhood

See how entrepreneurs in a downtown Oakland neighborhood are taking the idea of a pop-up store to a new level.  Read the full story

Q&A: Donna Drummond, city planning director, St. Paul

Four city planners, four different plans for the future. In a bonus series to our special package on the built environment, we ring major U.S. cities to find out what's next. Today's subject: St. Paul.  Read the full story

Changing elephant poo to green paper

JAIPUR/DELHI -- An Indian entreprenur's journey to make eco friendly paper from elephant poo.  Read the full story

Spy drones track European farms

European farmland may soon be under the surveillance of drones - is the U.S. next?  Read the full story

Newly discovered "Super-Earth" may harbor life

A planet that's both very similar and very different to ours proves that there are quite a variety of ways that life can be nurtured.  Read the full story

Haunting video reveals 'hidden side of the moon'

Footage from NASA's GRAIL lunar spacecraft shows the far side of the moon had a violent past.  Read the full story

Everything you know about shale gas is wrong

Is the shale gas gold rush over? Energy futurist Chris Nelder reviews new data showing that U.S. gas production is actually declining in major areas, and that the outlook for shale gas is increasingly dubious.  Read the full story

Pre-loved Melbourne bicycles find a new home in Africa

MELBOURNE -- Bicycles for Humanity (B4H) is a worldwide organization focused on changing communities through the re-distribution of disused bikes.  Read the full story

Bookseller inspires store feedback with social business software

Indigo Books & Musics is enabling close to 250 different store locations to share best practices, find operational savings and document customer testimonials.  Read the full story

Heathrow facial recognition technology stalled

London Heathrow's e-gate technology installation now faces yet another setback ahead of the Olympics.  Read the full story

Robots learn 'sockification'

Robots developed at UC Berkeley shed light on how models can learn to complete complex tasks with 'perception mechanisms'.  Read the full story

The Morning Briefing: Market matters

"The Morning Briefing" is SmartPlanet's daily roundup of must-reads from the web. This morning we're reading about updates in international markets.  Read the full story

Luxembourg cultivating young innovative minds

PARIS -- Annual competition seeks to find the most innovative and inventive young minds in Luxembourg.  Read the full story

Hong Kong to get its first retirement communities

HONG KONG -- A new housing plan lets retirees pay a one-time rent on a sliding scale based on age. The average rent: $400,000.  Read the full story

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Pesticide-free flowers for Valentine's Day

Pesticide-free flowers for Valentine's Day

Is ZocDoc the cure for long wait times at the doctor's office?

Is ZocDoc the cure for long wait times at the doctor's office?

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The Future Of.... Browsing

How Waze uses crowdsourcing for better traffic data

How Waze uses crowdsourcing for better traffic data

Disaster recovery: Improving smartphone communications

Disaster recovery: Improving smartphone communications


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