Thursday, December 1, 2011

Can soldiers be trained to not become war criminals? | SmartPlanet Daily

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SmartPlanet Daily

SmartPlanet Member | December 01, 2011

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Can soldiers be trained to not become war criminals?

Even in the most psychologically taxing environment on earth, ethics training works.  Read the full story

The Velodrome may be London 2012's most sustainable venue

The London 2012 Velodrome was designed with affordable materials and simple engineering to make it perhaps the most eco-friendly addition to the London Olympic Park.  Read the full story

To save lives, predicting which cars are most likely to run red lights

MIT researchers have developed an algorithm that can accurately predict when a car is likely to run a red traffic light. With V2V technology, it's the latest work in the development of a "smart" car.  Read the full story

This is what drought looks like in the U.S. [map]

The Texas drought in 2011 has shattered records. New national groundwater maps from NASA show the extent of the crisis.  Read the full story

Big military housing solar project gets money it needed

After a $1 billion loan DOE guarantee fails to close, project leader SolarCity snags a financial commitment from Bank of America Merrill Lynch.  Read the full story

Mexico City 'zombies' break record, add to city's Guinness titles

MEXICO CITY -- Nine thousand eight-hundred and six people dressed like zombies and took to the streets this past weekend to break a Guinness world record. It's the latest in a national obsession with record-breaking.  Read the full story

New school designs learn from zoos, museums, wine and nature

Architects working in the education sector may be the zaniest innovators around. But it's all to rethink learning, columnist C.C. Sullivan writes.  Read the full story

Toyota, BMW sign Green Giant deal

Two of the biggest names in the automobiles agree to work together on electric vehicle batteries and on diesel engines. Co-opetition strikes again. Will it work?  Read the full story

Great Wall of China gets electric taxi service

BEIJING - a county just 20km from the Great Wall of China has launched a fleet of 50 electric taxis, but there are a few teething problems.  Read the full story

Patent expires today on pharmaceutical superstar Lipitor

The cholesterol-lowering drug brought over $100 billion for Pfizer. Now it must share the shelves with generic versions, a $95 billion loss for big drug companies.  Read the full story

Engineers develop new tool for detecting Kim Kardashian's cellulite

Researchers are developing a tool detect fake photos. The intention is to have "warning" labels alongside published photos to reveal just how altered the images are.  Read the full story

At Design Miami: beautiful design that reflects math principles

At Design Miami, an annual exhibition of chic objects, the work of Haresh Lalvani--a professor who creates eye-catching pieces based on mathematical concepts--stands out.  Read the full story

Q&A: Ex-AdSense guru creates a social network with digital therapy sessions

What is the guy who helped create AdSense doing now? He's building a social network that can help connect you with people you don't know who want to help you or direct you to a digital therapist.  Read the full story

GM claims landfill-free status for first U.S. assembly plant

Sustainability initiatives help ensure waste is reused. The plant also now generates $2 million annually in recycling revenue.  Read the full story

Meet the inventor of Revolights

In his Silicon Valley apartment, inventor Kent Frankovich is trying to make cycling safer--with a spin on the good old-fashioned bike reflector. Frankovich has developed a design that makes it easier for bike riders to see and be seen by essentially mounting LED lights onto the wheels of the vehicle. SmartPlanet catches up with Frankovich to look at his invention that is still in development.  Read the full story

GE software tags, aggregates enterprise 'big data'

What will collect, aggregate and analyze all the data coming from your company's operations? GE hopes it will be its new Proficy Historian 4.5 software.  Read the full story

China: for innovation, too big to fail?

John Quelch writes in the Harvard Business Review that China has a clear, coordinated innovation strategy -- and the U.S. does not. Is the "Asian Century" upon us?  Read the full story

A peek at Exeter College's new 'third quad'

Alison Brooks Architects won the competition to design a new quadrangle for a 700-year-old university in the U.K. It's a study in balancing past and present.  Read the full story

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Meet the inventor of Revolights

Meet the inventor of Revolights

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Medical device takes the guess work out of speech therapy

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Acoustics technology alerts police of gun violence

Acoustics technology alerts police of gun violence


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