Tuesday, July 5, 2011

AT&T approves BlackBerry Bridge app, slaps on $20/month for tethering | Product Watch

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ZDNet Member | July 05, 2011
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AT&T finally approves BlackBerry Bridge app, slaps on $20/month for tethering

Details on AT&T's newly approved BlackBerry Bridge app for phone and PlayBook tethering, plus potential workarounds to avoid paying AT&T tethering service plan.



Building An IT Staff to Meet Tomorrow's Challenges

What essential experience and skill sets must you be looking for when staffing your IT department? Industry leaders share their insights.

Rumor: 64 GB TouchPad with faster CPU, 4G coming in August; Pre3 and OPAL to follow this fall

Not even a week since the HP TouchPad's debut and PreCentral is already reporting that HP will be launching a couple of new TouchPads by August, as well as other webOS devices by fall.


Samsung expands Series 9 laptop family for back-to-school shopping

Samsung's Series 9 laptop line-up has proved to be a credible, Windows-based alternative to the MacBook Air, even if the notebooks have somehow managed to be even pricier than Apple's offerings....


Review: Zenus iPad 2 leather cases are affordable, functional, and classy

Leather cases for the iPad can easily run from $100 to $200+, but there are many less expensive options. Zenus has an attractive lineup of functional cases for $60 to $90.


Is Google looking to buy Hulu to bolster YouTube?

It's no secret that Hulu is on the block, but exactly who is looking to buy the online TV service has led to intense speculation. One day Microsoft is the hot candidate; the next day, it's Yahoo....


AT&T releases BlackBerry Bridge for the PlayBook over 2 months after release

AT&T customers who wanted to connect their PlayBook to their BlackBerry were stymied by AT&T, but now we finally see the utility being released.


Motorola Droid 3 specs revealed in leaked Verizon document

Verizon's upcoming Motorola Droid 3 seems to answer disgruntled Swype users' demand for a full QWERTY keyboard with a "dedicated number row," on an up-to-date Android phone.


Hands-on with Sprint HTC EVO 3D; a fun and rock solid Android smartphone

Sprint customers can now pick up the HTC EVO 3D and while the 3D function may be a bit gimmicky, it is fun to use and performs well. The device is fast and solid so you should consider it if you...


Review: 5 reasons the new Nook is the best dedicated ebook reader

The iPad is a decent ebook reading device, but you just can't beat a dedicated eInk device for the most immersive ebook experience and the all-new Nook is THE one to beat.


Olympus announces new top-of-the-line PEN E-P3 interchangeable lens compact camera

Olympus announces a major update to its flagship interchangeable lens compact camera, the PEN E-P3.


Will the rumored HTC Eternity be one of the first new Mango devices?

HTC is one of the premier Windows Phone 7 manufacturers and the rumored HTC Eternity is an expected device with a few spec upgrades. It isn't always about the specs though as the UI tends to be...


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