Friday, October 1, 2010

Your next laptop might not have Intel inside [PRODUCT WATCH]

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ZDNet Member | October 01, 2010
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ARM's Race: Why your next laptop might not have Intel inside

The performance margin between smartphones and netbooks could soon disappear altogether. Over the last few weeks ARM and its customers have announced new products that promise to not only power a wave of "super-phones," but also push into tablets, netbooks, laptops, and even servers.



User Experience Management Indicators for Business and IT Success

Watch this Quest Software on-demand webcast to explore user experience management indicators and discover what they can do for your business. Learn how common indicators enable collaboration and bring about understanding between IT and the business.

Best of the Best: CPU and GPU roundup

For those of you who are agnostic when it comes to choosing components from Intel, AMD or NVIDIA, then here is the fruits of the past four posts in the "Best of the Best" series in a single post!


Go hands and eyes free with StartTalking Android application

People spend too much time interacting with their smartphones while driving and in many States it is illegal. StartTalking solves this problem for Android owners with a hands and eyes free solution available now for free.


Nokia N8 shipments start today

It looks like Nokia proved it can meet shipping deadlines and the rumors of October delays was wrong. The Nokia N8 is now shipping to buyers.


Borders announces their $140 Kobo Wireless eReader

Borders started out with the lowest cost ebook reader with the Kobo, but then others came back with ones at lower prices with WiFi. They have now fired back with their own WiFi model to get back in the game.


A desktop orange: Two new Predator PCs

For the two latest additions to the lineup, the company has kept adical design for one model and added a tamer version that just uses orange as an accent color.



In Application Performance, Only One Opinion Counts

Download this e-book chapter to learn why application performance monitoring must occur inside and outside of the data center. Discover why focusing on infrastructure alone isn't enough to guarantee top-of-the-line performance for your users.

Gateway unveils NV59C66u notebook with integrated WiMAX card

Gateway's latest notebook release of the day is the NV59C66u, which stands out given that it has an an integrated WiMAX card.


Toshiba rolls out Satellite C660, Pro C660 laptops for everyday use

Toshiba Europe has announced a pair of notebook computers intended for getting everyday computing needs done, including one with a professional slant.


Latest Reviews


Yamaha RX-V667
Yamaha's RX-V667 is one of the best midrange AV receivers of 2010, with excellent sound quality, a best-in-class user interface, and more connectivity than its competitors, but it may be more AV receiver than you need.


Apple LED Cinema Display (27-inch, 2010)
As a desktop display and USB extender, the 27-inch Apple LED Cinema Display works wonderfully; however, for $1,000, there are better monitors that offer more options, including PC and Mac compatibility.


LG Infinia 55LX9500
Loads of features, a nearly frameless design, and excellent overall 2D performance increase the appeal of the LG LX9500 series LED-based LCD TV, but its 3D picture needs work.


Olympus Stylus Tough 8010
The Olympus Stylus Tough 8010 is rugged on the outside, but average on the inside.


Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Ultra-portable (1.5TB)
Even with the slightly low USB 3.0 performance, the GoFlex Ultra still makes an excellent portable external hard drive.


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